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About us is your online solution to buying and selling your used cars. This website is designed for people around India who are car owners and wish to sell their cars for a desired market price; as well as Car buyers who are in need of a less expensive option of purchasing a car. Therefore there is no need to consider junking the car after use. Sell it to someone who is looking for a car all over India for a desired price.

For the car seller you need to provide the following Specs:




- Color

- Technical specs (engine type, transmission type etc.)

- State and City


- Current up-to-date pictures of the vehicle


For a car buyer this site give you flexibility to search for a car all over India, based on price, type, make and Model. Now you can be a car owner in no time, if you’re looking for a less expensive pre-owned car to purchase, look no further than

If you’re in need of a car loan or car Insurance fill out our form and we can submit your request to our partnering Insurance companies and Banks for a free quote. In no time you will be behind the car of your dreams.


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